Papers and books written by D. Mark Kennet

This page contains links to selected papers and books written by
Dr. D. Mark Kennet as either sole author or co-author.
Cost Proxy Models and Telecommunications Policy:  A New
Empirical Approach to Regulation (with W. W. Sharkey, J.-J.
Laffont, and F. Gasmi), MIT Press, 2002.

“Beyond the Rhetoric:  An Introduction to TELRIC” (with R. Perez-
Reyes), Review of Network Economics, 2002.

“The Potential Role of Economic Cost Models in the Regulation of
Telecommunications in Developing Countries” (with D. Benitez,  A.
Estache, and C. Ruzzier), Information Economics and Policy 14(1),
2002, pp. 21-38.

APEC Interconnection Resources Project (with E. Ralph and J.
Wright), 2002.

“Measuring Productivity Change for Regulatory Purposes” (with N.
Uri), Journal of Media Economics, 2001.

“Computer Modeling of the Forward-Looking Economic Cost of
Local Exchange Telephone Networks:  An Optimization Approach”
(with W.W. Sharkey, J. Prisbrey, C. Bush, and V. Gupta),
Telecommunication Systems, 2001.

“The Effect of Cellular Service on the Cost Structure of a Land-
Based Telephone Network” (with D. Gabel), Telecommunications
Policy, 1997.  

“Fully Distributed Cost Pricing, Ramsey Pricing, and Shapley
Value Pricing: A Simulated Welfare Analysis for the Telephone
Exchange” (with D. Gabel), Review of Industrial Organization, 1997.

“A Structural Model of Aircraft Engine Maintenance,” Journal of
Applied Econometrics, 1994.

“Economies of Scope in the Local Telephone Exchange Market”
(with D. Gabel), Journal of Regulatory Economics, 1994.

“Did Airline Deregulation Affect Aircraft Engine Maintenance? An
Empirical Policy Analysis,” The RAND Journal of Economics, 1993.

“Pricing of Telecommunication Services” (with D. Gabel), Review
of Industrial Organization, 1993.

“Pricing of Telecommunication Services--A Reply to Comments”
(with D. Gabel), Review of Industrial Organization, 1993.
Papers and books