Professional Links

You may reach many of the agencies and corporations with whom
Dr. D. Mark Kennet has afilliated either currently or in the past via
the links below.  I am also posting links to various sites I think are
Professional links


The World Bank

Organismo Supervisor para la Inversión Privada en
Telecomunicaciones (Osiptel) (Peru)

EKonomics, LLC

OTE Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (Greece)

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (Portugal)

McCarthy-Tetrault (Canada)

Covec Ltd. (New Zealand) Interconnection page

Alterna Peru - one of the premier economic consultants in South

TMG Telecom - a leading telecom management group in the US.

Ariel Rubinstein's web page, containing a wealth of information
on game theory and other topics \

Economist Jobs