Downloadable software

We are making available (FREE) the executable code for the
following software packages that we support.  Click on the
Us button and let us know which package you would like.
Each of these programs has been field-tested for use in policy
settings and comes with a user manual and a sample (randomly
generated or public source) data set.
InterOffice.  This program calculates the switching cost and
the cost of inter-office trunks for a fixed network in a given
geographical area and can be used to determine the
forward-looking cost of network interconnection.
HCPM - Feeder and Distribution.  This model has served as
the basis for the FCC's Synthesis Model for calculating the
subsidy necessary to provide service in the high cost serving
areas of the non-rural LECs.  The model calculates the cost
of outside plant for a defined geographical area and set
customer locations.
WICOM.  The Wireless Cost Optimization Model.  This
program calculates the economic cost of a generic
wireless network, optimizing the routing of trunks
connecting base stations and the capacity of each node.  
This program can be used to calculate the cost of
interconnection on a mobile network.