Economic Consulting

UPDATE:  As of May 1, 2009, Mark Kennet is no longer affiliated
with Telecommunications Management Group, Inc.   Dr. Kennet
will now perform economic analysis separately.

Who is Mark Kennet?

D. Mark Kennet is an internationally recognized economic
consultant who has published widely in professional economics
journals.  Dr. Kennet earned a Ph.D. in economics from the
University of Wisconsin and served on the faculties of the University
of California - Santa Cruz, Tulane University, Johns Hopkins
University, and George Washington University, and has lectured at
numerous universities and other institutions around the world.  
Perhaps best known for his work in developing analytical
engineering-economic cost models in telecommunications used
by regulators in the U.S., Peru, and in other countries, Dr. Kennet
has also published articles on applied econometrics and analyzing
the effects of deregulation on the airline industry.

Dr. Kennet is capable of performing all tasks in both English and

A detailed biography is available

What can Mark Kennet do for you?

Dr. Kennet is experienced in providing the analytical expertise
needed to assess telecommunications policies and regulations,
particularly in interconnection arrangements and in rural telephony.

Dr. Kennet can help design new regulations, critique existing ones,
and help to design strategies for maximizing yield under whatever
policy regimen happens to be in place.  

Dr. Kennet can perform empirical analysis using advanced
econometric and computational techniques that he has authored
for application in a variety of network industries.

For whom has Mark Kennet worked?

Dr. Kennet's clients include international organizations, national
government agencies in four continents, and corporations in
countries as diverse as Ecuador, Greece, Australia, and Hong
Kong.  A partial list includes:

Anacom - Portugal
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
BellSouth Ecuador
BellSouth New Zealand
Cofetel - Mexico
Osiptel - Peru
OTE - Greece
US Federal Communications Commission
The World Bank
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission - Jordan
Senatel - Ecuador
D. Mark Kennet, Ph.D.